(1) December 12, 2005


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    (1) December 12, 2005

    Post by Jugghead on July 25th 2015, 1:05 pm

    This is a short summary of my Testimony, the following threads will be greater detail about each subject that is mentioned here.

    It was somewhere between 9 and 11 AM, the morning of December 12, 2005. I was at work (a drywall taper at the time) listening to a Christian radio station and the guest speaker on the program I was listening to was ..... a son speaking about the compassion of his mother.

    All of a sudden, something came over me, I had no idea what it was but I knew for a fact ..... something happened to me. ..... From everything that I was taught about God by others ..... the first thought that came to my mind was ..... "I just got saved". The first thing I did was call my mother and tell her the news. My mother was skeptical (of course) because of the simple reason: she knew me from my past and previous conversations we have had and she always thought to herself "When it comes to God, he just says things that he thinks I want to hear". But it didn't matter what she thought ..... I knew something had happened.

    The rest of the day I could not help but constantly think about what had happened to me. I also come to find out ..... I now had such a hunger for the word of God that from that point on ..... I would spend almost every waking moment with my nose in the Bible.

    I was divorced at the time (for about a year) and again because of what I understood up to this point, I thought the right thing to do was to get remarried, so two weeks later, on Christmas, I asked my X-wife to remarry me. She said yes.

    Also, from that point on, I started going to church, and for the next two years, I would not miss a Sunday. From just attending services, I also went to Bible studies (Hebrews was being discussed at the time). Also started going on Wednesdays, Tuesday morning "Men's Bible study" before work. Also was part of organizing a Thursday evening study at a McDonald's. Again, my nose was in the word almost every waking moment, including my time at home away from church and work.

    This went on for two years and then for some reason I just got totally burned out on doing drywall and I knew something had to be done. In 1993 I had gone to a truck driving school and got my CDL and drove a truck for about six months, but my wife did not like me being gone from home so much so I got back into drywall but never let my CDL lapse.

    In late 2007 I just had to change careers, I had no interest in even getting out of bed in order to go to work and I am no good to my family if I am not working. So I got a hold of a trucking company and went to work. It was here that things really started to change in my understanding of the word. The Lord had made an opportunity to get me alone, away from all other distractions where He could start teaching me Himself.

    It was just within 30 days of being alone with Him that the verses that spoke about "all" started to become prominent in my mind. As I struggled with the thought of "Am I wrong in believing that God is only going to save some of mankind?" I made a decision (at least I thought it was my decision) to start studying the Bible under the context of "all being saved", from this point on I had no idea what the Lord had in store for me, but with who I have become since that day in 2005 to 2007 ..... and then from 2007 to now ..... it was a difference of (LITERALLY and SPIRITUALLY) NIGHT and DAY.

    The Lord saves the best for last and everything else just becomes history.


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